About Our Business

Our goal at Diverse Entertainment is to make every event a
memorable occasion.  We also want to give you the means to
relive those moments over and over again!  Having a portable
photo booth at your event not only gives you the means to "bring
a part of it home with you," but it gives others the ability as well!
We also offer Temporary Glitter Tattoos and Colossal Basketball!


Q:  How long do the glitter tattoos last?

A:  They last up to 7 days (sometimes longer)!

Q:  How tall is the inflatable Basketball Goal?

A:  8 Feet Tall

Q:  What sizes are the basketballs?

A:  We have a 12" ball, a 24" ball, and a huge 37" ball!

Q:  How much space is required to fit the booth?

A:  A 10 X 10 area near an electrical outlet is required for the
booth to be set up & guests to move around it comfortably.

Q:  Can I touch the photos when they are ready, or will they be
wet and smudge?

A:  No need to wait!  The photos will already be dry, so you may
touch them without smudging them.

Q:  What exactly comes on the CD?

A:  All photos taken during the event will be on the CD in the form
of the actual "strip of four" photos, and also as each individual
photo in the strips of four.  This gives you the ability to email or
print an individual photo from its own (.jpg) file.
(No need to *cut* off the best picture from the strip)

Q:  What do I need to do when the booth arrives?

A:  A professional photo booth attendant will be there to set up
and operate the booth for the duration of the event, so no action is
required by you.  (Just be there to have fun and enjoy yourself!)
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